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Alternatively, you could be worrying that your spouse is cheating on you. Regardless of why you need WhatsApp spy online, this article will explain everything you should know.

How to Track Someone Whatsapp Online (No Root)

After you have each of these things, you are ready to begin. Getting access to their WhatsApp device and checking your internet connection is fairly easy. Spyzie provides a lot of different hacking utilities. Even though this is just a handful of the features that Spyzie offers, you can see that there are clearly a lot.

How to Spy on WhatsApp Messages from Your PC or Phone (Android and iPhone)

Try out the free demo to get a better insight into each of these features and many others. Step 1 — Start by signing up for a free Spyzie account. Sign up Spyzie. Step 2 — Fill out the form that is shown on display. Note: to complete the verification you may have to confirm the iCloud sign-in on their device.

Top 10 Whatsapp Spy Apps [Updated]

We suggest taking a few minutes to explore the dashboard and get a feel for some of the features. Step 6 — Whenever the device receives or sends a message on WhatsApp, you will be able to view it here. For this guide, we chose to use an iPhone as an example. Spyzie Online Demo for Android Devices. Another spy tool that you can consider using is WhatsApp Hacking Tool. This spy tool has a reputation for being undetectable, safe to use, and it is compatible with any WhatsApp device. Click here to view this website and read the guide below to use the WhatsApp spy online solution.

Make sure that this is the same number they are using with WhatsApp. Step 3 — Select the data that you want to hack. You can choose from messages, photos, videos, and call information. In comparison to Spyzie, this WhatsApp spy hacker has more limits. Mainly, this hacker is only capable of hacking WhatsApp whereas Spyzie is more flexible. If you want to start hacking a WhatsApp account, then go ahead and follow the guide below.

Step 2 — Enter the details of your target. This will include their phone number, the data that you are hacking, and a timeframe of the history. The app also allows you to view the multimedia that is shared on the app. It has separate versions for iPhone jailbreak and iPhone without jailbreak. Here is a compatibility chart for mSpy:. You can subscribe the basic bundle for a month only whereas, the premium and no-jailbreak bundles are available in 1-month, 3-month, and month subscription. With its WhatsApp spying feature, you can read the WhatsApp chats on the target phone and this also includes group chats.

You can also view the photos, videos and voice files. You can view them and download them remotely also. A problem with Spyzie is that will have to spend money on getting Ultimate Edition for WhatsApp spying since the premium Edition does not support it. Also, it does not support the latest iOS.

Part 2. Cocospy

Spyzie is compatible with Android and iPhone no rooting and jailbreak required. Here is a compatibility chart for Spyzie:. The Android version of Spyzie has two editions, Ultimate edition and Premium edition. Both these Editions are available in 1 month, 3 months and 1 Year License. Next on our list of WhatsApp spying app is Flexispy.

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It is also a complete spying app and one of its features is WhatsApp monitoring too. You can track all WhatsApp conversations on the target device remotely. This feature works on both Android and iPhone. However, rooting and jailbreaking is required for WhatsApp spying. You will get to view the chats along with time and date stamps, view profile pictures and names of the contact and multimedia photos, videos and audio clips included sent along the conversations. Flexispy works on both Android and iPhone but you will have to jailbreak the device for installation.

Check the compatibility chart below:. Premium is available in 1 month, 3 months and 12 months subscriptions while the Extreme version is only available in 3 months and 12 months subscriptions. Highster Mobile is another spying app for kids and employee monitoring that also supports WhatsApp. It gives you remote access to text messages, call logs, GPS location and more.

It works on phones and tablets. You can also count on it for WhatsApp spying. The only problem with Highster Mobile is that you will have to root your Android device for spying. Highster Mobile is compatible with Android and iPhone. Check out its compatibility chart to find out if it supports your device.

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There are no monthly or annual billings. Spymaster Pro claims itself to be a reliable cell phone monitoring software that works on Android and iPhone. It also lets you monitor WhatsApp conversations with their time and date stamps and you can also view the photos shared on WhatsApp.

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  • However, to view the WhatsApp chats and photos, you will have to root the Android device. It lets you spy on WhatsApp chats on iPhone without Jailbreak too. Although it is an affordable spying app but it does not support the latest android and iPhones. Also, you will have to root your Android device for WhatsApp spying. Spymaster Pro has separate versions for Android and iPhone. One-month, three-month and month subscriptions are available too. GuestSpy is a user-friendly application designed to watch over kids and employees.

    Along with regular spying features, it also supports WhatsApp spying. It is compatible with both Android and iPhone. It lets you view all WhatsApp conversations, names and contact numbers of the recipient, and date and time stamps of each chat. You can also access videos files, audios files and photos shared via WhatsApp.

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    • The features sound great right but it only supports WhatsApp spying on rooted and jailbroken devices. Also, it is not compatible with latest Android and iOS devices. GuestSpy is compatible with Android and iPhone jailbreak is required. Check the compatibility chart here:. GuestSpy is available in three plans. One-month, three-month, six-month and month subscriptions are available. Appmia lets you track the cell phone activities of someone remotely on both Android and iOS devices.

      The app is super-easy to install and it works in stealth mode, of course. It is also compatible with iOS and Android devices. Appmia also lets you spy on WhatsApp conversations. So, when you are monitoring the WhatsApp chats, you can also check the time and date stamps of those conversations. You can also check the files exchanged on WhatsApp. Appmia also lets you download spreadsheet reports for WhatsApp chats if you want for detailed analysis. Appmia is affordable but it is not a favorable option since it does not offer great compatibility, and rooting and jailbreaking is required for WhatsApp monitoring.

      Appmia is compatible with Android and iPhone however jailbreak is required. Check the compatibility chart below for more details:. MobiStealth gives you access to all the information you need from the monitored device in just 3 steps.


      There are no pre-requisites of rooting or jailbreaking the Android or iPhone to access the WhatsApp chat on the device. MobiStealth only lets you read the incoming on outgoing messages on WhatsApp on both Android and iPhone. On the other hand, WhatsApp photos can be accessed on Android devices only. MobiStealth has different packages for Android and iPhone users. Mobile Spy is designed for monitoring kids and employees.

      It facilitates monitoring through text messages, GPS location, Facebook, app blocking and more. It is compatible with Android only. Its iPhone and iPad versions have been discontinued. It only supports spying on WhatsApp conversations. Another drawback of Mobile Spy is that they are not accepting more orders. Mobile Spy app has two plans Basic and Premium.

      You will have to choose from three-month, six-month and month subscriptions. First things first, Xnspy is a highly compatible app.