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Viber, WhatsApp Facebook, Skype. This software can be used to monitor all incoming and outgoing text messages of a given cell phone. It also allows you to see all phonebook entries as well as intercept any text messages you do no want to be received by the phone owner. Furthermore you will be able to view all the files stored on the monitored phone.

Nokia Lumia 1020 and Accessories Unboxing

SigmaSpy Calls for Windows Nokia. SigmaSpy Calls app is our software dedicated to monitoring cell phone voice calls on Nokia Windows Phone smartphones. This advanced software allows the user to listen, as well as record and listen at a later time all incoming and outgoing voice calls of the monitored smartphone.

When the monitored phone is not on a call, you will also be able to listen to the surroundings. Access to the phonebook is also granted as well as the capability to modify it.

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