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Unless your kid has access to all of your security codes and credit cards, there is absolutely no reason why you should go through their personal information. This will only worsen the remaining trust bond you have with them. There are much better ways to communicate with your child. If you feel like you have reached the point where you're struggling to maintain a relationship with your kid, as I mentioned before, the situation will only get worse.

But let's put it this way: say you do, sooner or later, get to invade your kid's phone privacy. What next? You prevent them from seeing their friends, get mad at them, yell, set stressful consequences, and then what? Nothing happens. Your kid is only going to want to rebel, and will probably end up doing things that are much worse than what they've been doing, or continue to find every possibility to see their friends again.

The extremes you're putting on them will only cause extreme behaviour. As a teenager, for the parents that are reading this, the information given above may seem exaggerated and naive.

It's not. I am positive that many other teenagers and even parents disagree with the idea of parents reading their kid's private messages. Parent-child trust is one of the most important things you can have with your child, don't sacrifice it because you want to see who he or she is texting. It completely breaks any trust they might have had with you. If you think something is going on, treat them like you would treat anyone else and talk to them. There really is nothing 2. The trust has already been broken I am sure there are exceptions, but in any of these situations reading their messages will only create a further gap in your relationship.

Parents who snoop on their kids phones and in their rooms and diaries will quickly ruin their relationship with their kids. I'm curious how teens and adults will respond to this: I discovered messages where my kid's friends were texting her their homework answers to her. When we got the phone it was with the understanding that parents would have access to their phone, but I've never confronted her with anything I've found on it before, and as far as she is concerned I've not been monitoring it.

Now I need to confront her. I'm 15 years old and i have trust issues just because my mom read through my phone. I'm not a bad kid. But i don't trust anyone with my phone She says its for my "safety" and i have never believed that. I understand that most parents are worried about there child's safety online or offline as they should. But spying on your child's personal messages is not only wrong but will completely destroy all the trust they have with you.

All parents should have strong relationships with there children. It is extremely important for a child's development. If you are going to be monitoring their messages at the very least let them know that you are doing this. Us kids are watched and kept safe by our parents until we are Everyone needs there privacy. I understand why parents do this.

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In fact my parents helped me through a difficult situation because they read my texts and recognized the situation before I did. But I do have to say it can get quite suffocating. They have a way to read my texts while I have my phone. I hate that we as kids don't get the privacy we deserve!

My phone get's to look through by my mom all the time. But i'm a kid. But I agree with some of it. Sad but true. Ya ik same my too she break my trust.

From my personal point of view, I don't think that it is acceptable to monitor your child's phone, computer, tablet or any other device they may have. Having access to accounts and passwords they use to talk to their friends in a private way isn't fair to them. I understand wanting your child to have a straight path in life and making sure they're not talking to the wrong people, but in monitoring them so closely you only feed the urge to be more secretive and better guarded with their personal life.

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When you don't monitor your children's activities so close, you're showing them you trust them. My parents never did this and I'm so thankful for it. As many parents of teens talking theres has to be trust but trust goes two way trusting your kid to do the right thing and your kid trusting you to give them privacy. If trust goes two way and is strong enough your child might be more trusting to tell you about their personal life.

Your teens are going to find out when you search their devices which will make them lose trust in you therefore getting around your checks losing you trust and when there is no trust you relationship is ruined. It's really all about the circumstances. If it's a phone that I paid for doesn't matter if the parent is paying for our phone plan and electricity , then they shouldn't have to be snooping through our phones, and even if you use the phone plan and electricity as an excuse, then the parent can easily cancel the child's plan, and they'd still be able to do a lot of the things they still do, only now it's restricted.

If your parents paid for your phone, then they do have a right, because it's not really yours since they're paying for all of it. Also if you're really insecure about the things your parents might see, it's probably better to not have it on your phone, but have whatever it is talked about in person with friends, where you're parents won't know.

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It all comes down to who owns the phone, trust, and what information that you let yourself get revealed. Yes I may only be thirteen but I have a personal life too. I only disagree because I feel like it's ruining my relationship with my mom. My dad doesn't read thro them I know that my parents trust me and only want to help me. But I feel like I can't trust my mom when she reads through my texts without me having a choice.

When she does that I feel like I can't have personal conversations with my friends and they won't share with me if they know my mom is reading their every word. It's not that easy. No, there's nothing bad going on, it's just the fact that I feel like she doesn't trust me or thinks I can't handle whatever drama is going on.

Yes I realize that she was once a teen too but today we also deal with the same problems plus modern day stupid stuff. They just don't get it. Im sure when you were a teenager you didn't want your parents to know every single detail of your life. Please respond and tell me why it's ok for my mom to do this. As far as we know our parents most likely tell their close friends everything about our texts.

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They don't give us a reason to trust them if they don't trust us. I would understand if your teen was doing something bad. But a lot of us aren't. My mom took my phone away because once I got mad and texted my friend about her and she got mad even though I KNOW she text about me. Honestly, I don't think it is OK to read your child's messages. It is invading their privacy, or is it not? Parents really can't expect their children to talk to them about everything, especially through their teenage years.

Some children or teens may be embarrassed having their parents go through their phone. I feel that if kids have to agree to certain conditions of having a phone, shouldn't parents give their kids a little privacy in return? The tighter a child or teens parents are, the more they will rebel. No, I'm not insisting you give your child freedom and everything, just give them privacy! Just like ghosty said, if you feel the need to invade their privacy don't let them have a phon eat all! Here are my thoughts: my parents have been reading my text messages for some time now, and it is frustrating and rather embarrassing.

Teens who are commenting on this blog: You have to stop thinking of your devices as your own personal diary. Keep your texts surface and informational or at the very least, keep it appropriate. If you really want privacy, do what your parents did: Talk to your friends on the phone or in person. I know that's not what people do these days but for every text or IM you send, ask yourself: "Would I want my parents to see this? Technology comes with a price. I feel for you all that so much of your lives is wrapped up in a digital world and I understand the pressure you feel.

Part of your parents' fears are that because of your not fully developed prefrontal cortex, you're going to make impulsive choices--sometimes bad choices and many of you do not fully comprehend the permanence of what goes on the internet.

One drawback to the phone is that your parents can hear you ever if you do it in your room they can hear you. Short answer: No.

If you don't trust your kid enough to let them keep their messages private, don't give them a phone at all. Long Answer: I get the perspective of the parent- you have a child, and you want that child to be safe and not go down the wrong path. But personally, I feel that monitoring software or having access to passwords is too much. When you impose such intense surveillance methods upon your child, the child feels like their parents are watching their every move and just becomes more mistrusting of their parents and meticulous at hiding things personal experience - the saying "strict parents make sneaky kids" is based in fact.